Herbs of Light Shepherd’s Purse 1 oz Liquid Assists with Diarrhea



Herbs of Light uses Love and Compassion in sharing Mother Nature’s Laws of Health to produce “Living Food”, GMO Free, Organic Herbal medicines.

We truly believe these to be as good as humans can possibly accomplish.

The understanding from Hippocrates of how botanical food is our true natural medicine, shines with the truth of the ages. Maintaining all of a plants chemistry, energy and balance is now an important understanding of the highest conscious science.

Herbs of Light’s Products are Truly Unique and Special!


Contains: Capsella bursa-pastorias, Wildcrafted plant



| Kidneys, bladder and blood. |
| Excellent astringent to stop bleeding of the lungs, kidneys and bladder. Specific for excessive menstrual bleeding, bedwetting, piles and hemorrhoids. Also good for diarrhea. |
| 20-40 drops up to four times a day. |
| Not to be taken during pregnancy, hypotension with bradycardia and coagulation disorders. |

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